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My Response/Decision

YES, finding and knowing God is very important to me. I prayed and invited Jesus Christ into my heart and life as personal Savior.

YES, I have already accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior but am renewing my commitment and dedication to Him. With God's help I want to have a part in what He is doing in the world in which I live today.

YES, please mail me the web address for a copy of the eBrochure, How to Grow, to help me in my Christian life, and send me the link for the Living, Loving and Learning web site with the "Ten Steps for Spiritual Growth." These are both without charge.

YES, Please add me to your e-mail list to receive the without charge Daily Encounter for a devotional message with a brief inspirational message for each weekday of the year. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your subscription.

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