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About  911 Help

Dick Innes
Dick Innes, Founder/Director

911 Help website is published by ACTS International—a non-profit church service organization. Our purpose is the application of the Christian message to the needs people feel in order to help people become healthy and whole, not only spiritually, but also emotionally, relationally, and physically.

We believe that God is not about religion but his concern is about relationships. That is, he

not only wants us to have a right relationship with with each other and ourselves—but also with himself—and therein discover the source for inner and lasting peace.

Furthermore, we believe that God's goal isn't to make people good simply for goodness sake, but to make people whole for only to the degree that one is made whole will his/her lifestyle, actions, attitudes, behavior, and relationships be wholesome.

We also believe that genuine Christianity is much more than a creed. While the creed is important, genuine Christianity is more than intellectually believing in a creed. It is experiencing divine love, divine acceptance and divine forgiveness—and communicating these to every life we touch.

The Find Peace With God website is a service to our visitors—a service that comes without charge and, as already noted, is published by ACTS International which was founded in 1968 in Australia by Richard (Dick) Innes who has been living in and operating from California since 1981. 

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911 Help
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