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Dick Innes
Richard (DIck) Innes has authored three books: the best seller, I Hate Witnessing (with the tongue-in-cheek title), How to Mend a Broken Heart, and his latest book, You Can't Fly With a Broken Wing. He has written more than 250 Encounter outreach brochure articles—40 million of which have been distributed worldwide. He has led seminars and workshops in several countries, is a pastoral counselor, and has spoken and taught in numerous churches in the U.S., New Zealand and throughout Australia.

He is the webmaster of the web sites of ACTS International, the Narramore Christian Foundation, and Outback Patrol (Australia), and is the author of Daily Encounter, the week-day email inspirational of ACTS International, which has over a third-of-a-million subscribers worldwide.

Dick is originally from Australia, but with Joy, his wife, resides in San Clemente, California.

Books by Richard Innes

Three popular books by Richard (Dick) Innes.

Comments by readers:

"You Can't Fly With a Broken Wing is the most helpful book I have ever read. I encouraged several friends to purchase a copy and together via telephone meetings we are discussing the book. I need another copy immediately for a person in emergency. Please send by overnight express mail." – Lanelle, Georgia

How to Mend a Broken Heart. A retired veterinary surgeon, former lecturer at the Royal Veterinarian College of London and at

Cambridge, wrote, "I have gone through two divorces and have just read your book, How to Mend a Broken Heart. It is the most helpful counseling I have ever read."

I Hate Witnessing (best seller with over 100,000 copies in print). A professor from North Central University who uses I Hate Witnessing for a teaching text book said, "This is the best book I have read on witnessing with the most honest approach to it."

CDs and Cassettes:

"Loving and Understanding People,"
"Healing, Wholeness, & Happiness,"
"I Hate Witnessing,"
"God's Formula for Success"

All with helpful information and inspiration—sprinkled with humor.

Click HERE to purchase books, CDs and tapes by Richard Innes.

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